I was speaking with a friend recently, he works in the UX scene in London and has worked with every type of organisations from tiny hip startups to international corporate banks. I wanted to get more insight into what I should focus to get ready for the UK scene.
I was happy to hear worlds like customer validation and agile, but what I was not so happy to hear was tools like Omnigraffle and Axure. Both prototyping tools which I’ve tested and didn’t like, they felt old and clunky, no where as slick as Sketch and Invision not to mention their no-so-cheap price bracket of $99+ and $289+ respectively.
I don’t mind learning a new tool for the better, but this feels like a backward step for me.  I used to be a big fan of photoshop for mock ups, I resisted the shift to Sketch for quite some time. I was so happy with all my photoshop shortcuts and workflow I just didn’t want to change. However, I know Sketch is BETTER, therefore I should learn it and I did… In fact, I rather enjoy Sketch now. 
The problem is, the banks and large corporations in UK doesn’t seem to be so keen on that idea for change, I understand there is a cost involved to change for large establishments, he cost of software (hardware?) and the training that might be involved, but it’s just such a shame to slow down progress.
So my dilemma now is, should I really try to learn everything and be a jack-of-all-trade at an okay level, so I can work anywhere using whatever tool they prefer or should I get really good at one or two tools and only work with certain companies?
There is simply too much to learn to be good at everything. Any suggestions?