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One Podcast:

#HighlyRecommended A podcast that focuses on the emotional and mental side of being an entrepreneur, talks about stress, depression and everything a founder might have to face. Wonderfully hosted by serial entrepreneur Rob Walling and Ph.D. clinical psychologist Sherry Walling

One Interesting Article:
Neville Medhora’s 2015-2020 Predictions

Nev has always been one of the most entertaining marketer on the net, he has written a lot about the various life and biz experiments, this time he is writing about his predictions on where the world is going in the next 3 – 5 years.

One Video:
Jim Carrey’s Commencement Speech

The man behind the green mask is not only funny, but has an excellent insight in life and how to perceive it, extremely motivating and entertaining. If it’s too long, start from 11:00

One Article:
2014’s 8 Smartest UI Design

I’m a few months late with this article by it’s still a very good one. This article discuss trends for smarter UIs and not just limiting UI using a touch screen (Comments are pretty entertaining too)

One Deck of Cards:
Method Kit

A deck of cards that systematically help different groups (startups, developers, those working in sustainable development..etc) a way to communicate and collaborate together. I’ve not tried this myself (because of the price) but I rather like the idea


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