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Weekly Top 5 #59 – AI choices, Charts and Addictive Games (Pokemon Go)

On AI: How would you decide who should get hurt?

Should self driving cars sacrafice the driver to save a pedestrian? How about 2? MIT scienctists are trying to work out what the “right” decision might be and they need your help.

One Video: How free mobile games are designed to make money

I am incredibly surprised at the popularity of Pokemon Go, even more so on how long this craze has been going on. It turns out there’s an entire science behind how addictive freemium apps are designed.

One Graphs: Which type of chart you should use

Its not always obvious which type of chart you should use to present information, should you stack that bar chart? This article has a fantastic chart that makes it much easier to decide

One Quote: Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever

A fantastic quote by Mahatma Gandhi. The strange thing for me is, I’m not so worry about the first part on dying, but much more concerned if I’m using the time wisely to learn.

One Article: Should you be listening to music

Is it a good idea to listen to music while you work? What about when you are trying to learn somethign new? It turns out some very smart scientists already have the answer.

My Week

Fear is a strange thing, the fear of failing has literally been paralysing me, big opportunities are arising yet it’s incredibly hard to grasp it with nearly enough strength as I want to. Its like an invisible mental and emotional wall is always nudging me to delay or avoid it altogether.  
[The Good] I’m very grateful of my jack-of-all-trade background, it literally forces me to look at problems as a whole
[The Bad] My email inbox is stressing me out, one of my fear is that I am inadequate that I don’t know enough, so I feel compelled to read as much as I can with every newsletter.. which is 10 more than I have time for.