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Weekly Top 5 #56 – Validation, Design and FramerJS experiment

One Experiment: Playing with FramerJS

A short blog post I wrote last week on learning to use FramerJS for prototyping. Both Invision and Pixate failed to create the type of animation and interaction I was hoping to experiment. *The demo is a completely rebranded and repurposed interface to protect my client.

One Tool: Validation Board

Business ideas are literally a dime a dozen, they are completely worthless until you can REALY proof they work. This Validation Board can help you walk through the steps you need to take to fully test whether business idea would work.

One Product: No More Tying Shoelaces

I can’t really explain it, but I seem to be pretty bad at tying shoe laces. They are always coming lose and to me, they waste so much time, something like this would make me pretty happy. (Yes, you would be correct to think I’m rather strange).

One Website: Fubiz

Fubiz is not a new website, but it is one of my favourite for visual inspirations. Fully of innovative designs in various mediums, this french website is absolutely packed with truly amazing designs every single day.

One TV Show: Stranger Things

I am without any doubt, a child of 90s movies, I loved movies back then, they have a certain quality and excitement around it that modern movies nor TV shoes just can’t recreate. Until Stranger Things that is, highly recommended

My Week
Hello from Hong Kong!
It has a bit of an exciting week for me, since my last newsletter I’ve had two presentations as part of an interview process and I’m very excited to say, things are looking pretty good. Hopefully I have a bit more interesting news to share next week 🙂 Wish me luck!
[The Good] Might have an interest job very soon
[The Good] Been going to the gym a few times and are enjoying it
[The Bad] Not too much this week, feeling pretty good (despite the heat)