One Workout: Peak, brain training

I’m a bit of a quantitative-self nerd, so this app which both track and train your cognitive abilities was perfect for me. I’ve only just started using this app and are already looking forward to comparing my performance with sleep quality and quantity from my Fitbit.

One Model: BJ Fogg’s behavior model & UX

New Behaviour = balance between Motivation, Ability (ease of use) and Trigger. This model helps gives a helpful reminder for product designers when trying to design ‘sticky’ products.

One Video: Facebook’s Business Design Principles

Facebook’s Product design director share the 4 key design principles they use to help them design enterprise focused products. There’s also a slightly older text version on Medium, well worth a read/watch

One App: Most Dangerous Writing App

I love the name of this website, I love how it works even more! One of the best tip I’ve heard for those wanting to create and write is pretty simple… just write and don’t stop. This website does just that, you set how long you want to write for and as soon as you start, you can’t stop. When you do, everything you’ve written would be deleted, so brilliant.

One Article: Creating the Right Product

A memo from founder of Slack weeks before their ‘Preview Release’, so many brilliant insights from motivating your team, working with your customers and selling innovation. If you an entrepreneur or product designer, just go read it now.

Extra: What do you think of the new design?

I’ve decided to add a bit more branding to these emails, do you think it’s a good idea? Maybe you prefer the previous simpler design?
Final Words
How was your week? I’m not too bad, although it has been bit of a challenging week for me. Consisting of new challenges and old problems that has evolved in complexity and depth. I’ve also been having a lot of self doubt lately; “am I good enough to be where I am currently working?”, “am I good enough to create what I’m promising to create?” Not sure what caused these thoughts, but I am putting up a good fight against them.
Have a good week y’all
This week
[The Good] Getting a much better picture of the company I’m working in.
[The Bad] Lacking mental energy, must sleep more.
[Next Week] Meditate everyday with or without app