It’s been just over 2 weeks since we arrived in UK, we finally have a place to live for the next 6 months (it even has heating and broadband now!!!). My task this week is now 100% on finding a UX design gig in London.


One Article:
The Akrasia Effect

“Our brains prefers instant rewards to long-term payoffs. It’s simply a consequence of how our minds work.” So it’s actually natural for us to procrastinate and struggle to finish what we started. One of my favourite writer James Clear discuss several strategies we could use to battle our nature.

One thing
About bad Awkward UIs

Awkward UIs are when is design confuses the user, it’s when a website is loading but there’s no indication something is happening, it’s when you see Window XP’s infamous Blue Screen of Death. Designers need to bear in mind any given screen could have as many as 5 different states (Ideal State, Empty State, Error State, Partial State and Loading State)

One Introduction
On Typography for non-designers

“Web Design is 95% Typography” Ever wondered why you can read comfortable on some websites (or printed doc) while overs are just plain annoying? Check out these simple rules for great typography

One Path into Coding

Code in games as well as other sites on this Coding Product Hunt collection shows you so many ways you can get started to learn to code, often free too. I would personally recommend start with HTML and CSS, then learn JS or Python.

One Channel

The RSA is a fantastic non-profit organisation that makes fantastic short videos showcasing innovative ideas from all over the world in simple to understand formats. I would recommend start to Dan Pink’s Persuasion video.



[Good] We have our own place in London, now it even has broadband! oh how I’ve missed good internet connection (giffgaff isn’t particularly reliable)
[Good] We have Netflix! (Hopefully, this remains a good thing by next week)
[Bad] Having to relearn some ancient software because that’s what the market demands in UK.