How’s it going mate? I’m getting better, the last 2 week has been emotionally intense for me, I was beginning to wake up at 5am in the morning out of stress, my mind would be buzzing with worries and I would not be able to sleep. As a result, I’m trying to get back into meditation.

One Slide deck
Fast Food Design

Design is not just about making something pretty, there’s a journey behind good design. “How would you feel if your bank and sock subscription website looks the same?”

One humorous read
Guide to startup life in SF

San Francisco is a strange place, the start up world is even more so, this one brilliant take on what goes on on the inside šŸ™‚

One Tweet (from me)
Am I right or am I stubborn?

Ask yourself “When was I last wrong?” “When did I last say sorry?” Chances are you may not be perfect and you’ve just been too stubborn to see yourself

One Truth
Work, Blog, Life balance

Entrepreneur and VC Mark Suster, talks about how we balances his busy work schedule with spending time with his family – hint, there is no secret

One TV Show
Mr. Robot

A dark, intenseĀ and addictive tv show, I was hooked on the first show, it’s clever and hard to predict.Ā Check it out!