One (Highly recommended) Article:
The Cult of Work You Never Meant To Join

This is a fantastic reminder for myself that there is more to life than work, money is certainly important but there are also so much more.

“We wouldn’t go to work drunk, so why the hell do we go to work on four hours’ sleep, when we’re more impaired than if we were hammered?”

One Argument:
Thou Shalt not commit logical fallacies

I’ve been fascinated by argument lately, the science and categorisation of good and bad ones and I came across this useful and funny website on logical fallacies. If you prefer more serious stuff I recommend “Types of Argument” from Oxford University

One postmortem:
What I’ve learned, 6 months after bankruptcy

On the rise and fall of startup SellAnApp. A project check I had personally invested over 100 Euro into back in 2012. This article is a postmortem on partnership, team dynamic, share vision amongst the founding team.

One Tumblr Collection:
Things do Jobs

A list of beautifully shot photos of how technology has replaced the job of everyday objects.

One Experiment (On Going):
Space Nutrients Station

I’ve started experimenting “Space Nutrient Station” (a Soylent variant), just lunch so far. The taste to the liquid food is not as bad as I original thought, it’s very quick and convenient, Just add water, shake, stir a little and lunch is ready!

Three minor problems though. First is how quick it thickens up after mixing, so I really do have to consume it within 20 minutes or it becomes a really thick porridge which I can’t get out of the bottle.

The second problem is that a single bottle (supposed to be 1 third of your daily requirement of 2000 calories as well as all the other nutrients we need) is just not enough, like a normal lunch I get rather hungry around 5 – 6pm, I was rather hoping the protein and fibre would help resolve this issue.
Lastly and more annoyingly is that I’ve been really gassy in a rather embarrassing kind of way…(I’m also very curious if it has anything to do with the flu i’m currently recovering from.)