One Lesson: Company Culture matters

Most people might know this already, but I’ve only learnt how important company culture is recently. This article goes into depth on what an inspiring culture can do and I can’t agree more.

One Article: Confidence and Productivity

Have you ever thought about which came first? The ability to be productive or be confident in what you are doing? When we aren’t feeling confident, we might hesitate every step of the way. So the question is, can you slowly build up your confidence by actively doing?

One Cartoon: Disruptive vs Sustained Innovation

Really simple and nicely done cartoon on the difference between 2 types of innovation, with great examples too.

One Chat: That Changed Everything

If you ever wondered What leadership should look like, check this out. It’s actively giving your team space to fail and grow and not micromanage just to avoid mistakes, wow!

One Stupid Thing: Not Sleep

“Why do we take care our smartphones more than ourselves? We know approximately how much battery a phone has, but what about yourself?” Brilliantly said by Arrington Huffington on creative live. I need to allow myself to sleep so much more!

My Week

Hi everyone,
How are you? This week has been a bit tiring one on my side, the excitement of a new job has fated and while I’m still learning about the company and it’s operation it can be rather frustrating at times. The positive side is that I am slowly building relationships and making friends.

[The Good] Slept for 10 hours last night, that made me so happy
[The Good] I might have a long commute, one of the bonus effect is that it allows me to spend a bit more timing thinking quietly to myself
[The Bad] Coding HTML emails for Outlook 2003