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FramerJS for Prototyping – Good tool, Bad share

I beg you, don’t look at the code… I’m sorry it’s a mess

So here’s my first attempt at using FramerJS. I only looked into it out of frustration. Marvel and Invision wasn’t handling the animation well enough and Pixate got too weird and complicated really quickly, so since I had bought Framer with Sketch together many months ago, I might as well gave it a try and it was… AMAZING!


  • Imports from Sketch pretty easily
  • Once you understood how functions/animations are structured it’s really easy
  • FAST
  • The prototype changes as you TYPE (no need to save)
  • Can share to mirror prototype to mobile really easily


  • I had to learn CoffeeScript
  • The sharing function is REALLY basic
    • No Password protection for prototype
    • All prototypes uploaded will be available for download (I’m embarrassed of my code!)
    • Can’t delete a prototype once it’s shared, you have to email support
    • Prototype is pretty slow in iFrame


My First Prototype

Here’s my first attempt with Framer with a fictional project, let me know what you think? Is there a better tool out there?