About Jeffrey

Jeffrey* is an mobile app designed to bring local services to the tip of your fingers. Whether you would like to find local locksmiths, meet up fellow runners nearby or find the best deals from your local shop. Jeffrey is here to help!

Project Requirement

The initial stage for this project was to allow the client to have a better understanding of the scope of the project and to see the various components needed for the mobile app they have in mind. The original scope

Mobile app wireframe for Jeffrey an digital location based concierge app covering 4 areas of services:

  1. Community meet ups
  2. Finding Local Services
  3. Local Information and Announcements
  4. Mobile-commerce Shopping platform

Persona: Dave

Dave’s lifestyle means he has very little free time and has to rely on technology to help him keep track on what’s happening around his local area and to get his chores done. That’s where Jeffrey comes in.

  • Dave is 31, lives in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
  • Is a project manager at investment bank
  • Recently moved after marrying to Hannah
  • Works rather long hours from 9am – 7pm (even till 8:30pm)
  • Take 80-95 mins to commute to work
  • Has the latest iPhone 6s Plus
  • Use Facebook and WhatsApp (on mobile) continuous throughout the day
  • Hope to have two kids (a boy and a girl)

Overall Target Audience

  • 25 – 35 year olds
  • Young Families
  • Tech Savvy
  • Busy lifestyle
  • Male or Female

Functional Prototype



The following application wireframe was designed with Sketch and functional prototype was implemented using MarvelApp 
*All branding for this project has been changed due to client’s friendly request