So here’s a funny story. I view facebook as a public platform, I see as a tool to promote and share things that I like or find interesting. Its also a good place to expand my network. Which is why I would add my work email address onto facebook so people I’ve met can add me on there (likewise with Linkedin)

The issue occurred when i received multiple emails about a password change to my facebook accounts. I thought someone was just trying to hack me, assuming the hacker can’t get into my email accounts, I still wanted to play it save by requesting a password reset to a stronger password. The world was OK again. Until that very evening when there was ANOTHER reset, only this time the person responsible was able to change my password. I panicked, not understanding how that is possible, maybe i need to change all my email passwords, what if it’s via an email attached to a domain I own (taking over my entire domain and subsequent email accounts), what else do they have access to???? I was getting angry and agitated.

Checking the original facebook email, i realise it was from my old workplace, I realise they shouldn’t have access to anything too private, but I thought I would warn my old boss anyway. 24 hours later I realised they actually wanted access to the company’s facebook PAGE. They didn’t realise facebook pages are attached to personal facebook accounts and thought the password reset would just give them access to their company page! Grrrrr, but then I realise it’s not really their fault they didn’t understand facebook’s complicated system. If anything it’s my fault for keeping my old work email on my facebook account even when I have left already purely due to laziness.

Let this be a warning to you to clear out your facebook email accounts on a regular basis! Simply, click on the triangle on the top left, then Settings and “Edit” next to your email.


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