If i have to put my live money between the current tech leaders: Google, Microsoft and Apple. I would definitely put them on Google. As an self proclaimed entrepreneur, I have done a fair amount of reading on businesses and startups and one of the most regularly recited advice is to “Fail early and fail often”. It…

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What does it really mean to be a creative, we basically do no real work and spend our time ‘finding inspiration’ by being free travelling, reading, watching movies, going to the theater, partying hard and acting on impulse. Unfortunately I too was tricked by this disillusion! Being a creative actually means a lot of disciplines. Hence my venture into the daily practice.

A recent project localising an American website for realise in China got us a bit curious. Does the cultural difference between Western and Chinese translate to how websites are designed? The websites covered in this study are: News and Searches: Google.co.uk & Baidu.com Online Directory: Yahoo UK & Yahoo China Educational Publishers Pearson & Higher Education…

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3D TV sucks I personally don’t see the point of 3D TV. To me, they are more of a fad than functional tool. First, lets look at the the purpose of a traditional TV: To provide passive entertainment for a number of people, most likely sitting at home during the evening. Most 3D TV sets…

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Data Visualization tools

With increasingly large amount of data and information data Visualization hs become an absolute must for data analysis. The wonderful folks at datavisualization.ch has centralized an array of the best tools to do just that. Go check it out now http://selection.datavisualization.ch

An experiment using Verite Timeline by timeline.verite.co. Impressive interactive result using either JSON or Google Doc Spreadsheet. Can be used as standard HTML embed or via wordpress plugin by Cardume [timeline font=’Merriweather-NewsCycle’ maptype=’SATELLITE’ src=’https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0As5hV7g1bJqNdDEzQXZUdXRRR0ctU3FEYkJPczFEQ1E&output=html’]